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Terms & Conditions

Directory Listings:
Advertisers are entitled to 12 months advertising - as outlined on the listing benefits page, commencing from the date of registration. All listings not paid for within 24 hours will be removed, and re-activated once proof of payment is received. Renewal notices will be forwarded 60 days prior to expiry of listing.

Payment of Annual Listing Fee - Option 1, via EFT to:
Account Number: 1553244743
Branch: Bayside
Branch Code: 470010
Reference: "Your Name"
Amount: R150 (limited time only)
Payment receipts to be emailed to payments@bfab.co.za or faxed to 086 665 1396. If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact us.

Payment Option 2 via eWallet - send details to number 0658332877. You will immediately receive a registration code to activate your listing.

Leads Forwarded by Website:
On completion of listing form, sales reps hereby agree to the following:

  • prompt responses to all leads sent;
  • keeping up a service level standard as required by Honey Jewellery;
  • should you be unable to assist a customer, you agree to reply to the customer as well as notify us by emailing orders@Honeysales.co.za with your regret;
  • regretted sales leads will be passed onto alternate reps to assist the customer with their order;
  • failure to abide by these conditions can result in your listing being removed from this website, without refund;

Leads/ order notifications are sent to all sales reps in the customer's area, and is awarded to the first sales reps who accept receipt of the leads, and in doing so agreeing to assist the customers.

Honeysales.co.za cannot guarantee regular successful leads directly via your online listing, due to various reasons - such as no customers in your area, customers choosing other sales consultants from your area etc. Note that this website simply gives each sales rep the opportunity of marketing their services to a wider audience via the internet.

Product Brochure:
Display & download of jewellery brochures sourced from www.Honey.co.za. All items (jewellery, perfumes, makeup etc.) are while stocks last, refer to printed catalogues/ campaign brochures for terms & conditions.

Online Orders:
All orders placed online, are emailed to Honey Jewellery sales reps listed on the website in the area of the customers placing the order.

Any queries may be forwarded to us via the contact page.

As outlined on www.Honeysales.co.za/disclaimer.asp


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